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Art Theft

Sapphic Neko kindly notified me that my picture of Sapphic Neko and Sapphic Shock was nicked and used on a pay site without my authorisation.


Although I’m somewhat flattered, I still want something in return. Either that or the removal of the picture.

Why would they be making money from my sweat and passion without giving me something back?
I also do not get paid for the commissions I do for people. By principle and choice. So no, I actually won’t tolerate this.
Fuck knows if they actually added the picture in their galleries for download…

There are other artists (US and JP) on this landing page (Not Safe For Work) who’s work has probably been stolen as well.

Anyway, I sent them a letter and hopefully we can come up with some agreement. I’d rather we resolve this issue painlessly but if they ignore or refuse to comply, I will push matters further.

There are laws against digital infringement and although I know they are breached every day, I still will get a satisfactory outcome.

So I guess I’ll start using watermarks on pictures from now on…


Edit: They removed it and changed it to something else 🙂 Thank you pornsite admin!
I asked for a all access all domain pass but it looks like they prefer to remove the picture, rather than offering me a pass 😛

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