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Sapphic Neko thong – Ink

Quickly improvised last night while on the phone and completed the inking shortly after.

Some might already know her from here. Sapphic Neko is a player character from the City of Heroes MMO. She is (apparently) very playful and somewhat naughty.

An urge to draw breasts” you ask?  Perhaps. Hers are very balloon-y but hey, she has wings, cat ears and a cat tail… I’m a little concerned with her torso more than her bosoms. I don’t think I portrayed the twisting of her upper body well enough. I’m fond of the plump effect given on her ass though.

This picture is a total impro and will not be coloured.

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  1. Muad June 19, 2009

    Good work homie

  2. Sapphic Neko June 19, 2009

    I’m sexy-cute!

    yay for Swissy! you’re the bestest!

  3. Andy aka Thyristor June 20, 2009

    As usual, totally stunning!

  4. Federico August 5, 2009

    Smokin’ Sexy!

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  6. police car May 17, 2010

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