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World cup girls [NSFW]

The world football cup. I love it. Especially since Switzerland is in it. They won’t go too far mind you but for us, our highlight was beating Spain. Shocker! 🙂

Anyway, the best thing about the world cup is the proliferation of all sorts of fun material over the web. Anecdotes, animated .gifs, youtube clips, comic strips and…. nakedness!

Straight from the master himself, Petter Hegre, comes a great set of 32 pictures representing all the participating countries of the world cup. And in High resolution too. Hegre-Art.com is the personal works of award winning photographer Petter Hegre. Hegre-Art.com is the highest ranked fine art nude photography site in the world. Created to bring superior quality nude photography to the internet, Hegre-Art.com showcases films and photos of the most beautiful naked girls found anywhere on-line.

If you feel like downloading them, the pack will be available until the end of the world cup: World Cup Girls from Hegre (887 downloads)  ” format=”3″

What you get in the pack but at high resolution:


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  1. El muado June 27, 2010

    The muad likes him the italien lady.

  2. Will December 2, 2014

    do you know the name of the italian girl ?

    • Swissy™ January 26, 2015 — Post Author

      Everyone is taken a shine on the Italian gal.
      Not sure. Google it ^^

  3. Unknown July 1, 2017

    Anybody knows the brazilian?
    What’s her name?

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