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[WiP] Heroes round up

For once I’ll draw my toons :p

This is an old sketch from last year – or the year before – that I recently picked up again. I wanted to draw my main heroes in a rounded up action shot, ready to swing into the thick of things.

The concept sketch only contains 2 of the 4 main heroes but the main gist of the pose and perspective was set then.


The pencil sketch contains all 4 heroes, from left to right:

Fire Retrospective the Controller, Glaciers the Tank, Lem the other Controller and Moon the Scrapper.


The background is supposed to be Atlas Park. But it sucks. I’m going to redo/rework it. Need more light source or it could be totally changed to one of the cave maps…


This is an area that I seriously need to have a look at. My limited backgrounds always look fake or lifeless.

Following are just the different progress stages.



I’ll be picking this up again, eventually… as this still a work in progress.

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