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[WiP] Powershift

A Warshade!

I love Warshades! They probably have the best looking powers in CoH!

Anyway, started a new request today – even though I have lots to do already.



I’m playing around and experimenting with the warshade powers a little too early but I’m projecting purple, white and black effects to the best of my ability. Am looking forward to trying and getting this done.

I also had the arm way too long in the original sketch. Rectified that – phew!

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  1. Andy aka Thyristor June 11, 2009

    Well Powershift never looked prettier!…you seem to have got her in the middle of a ‘shadow step’ animation, one of her favourite powers! Fantastic and thank you.

    Andy aka Thyristor.

  2. Swissy June 11, 2009

    Aye, it does look like the shadow step move!

    Think she might just be oozing Nictus power or something like that. Just showing off/threatning.

    Again, it’s a little too early to mess about with the power FX just yet. I am just too impatient 😛

  3. Andy aka Thyristor June 11, 2009

    My apologies swissy :S In my eagerness to send you screenshots I forgot to tell you that the warshade’s name was Powershift. oops.
    Thyristor being a storm/ electric blast defender, and my first 50.

    Thanks again for taking this on with all the other things that you have on your plate.

    Andy aka Thyristor (and Thyristor Redux)

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