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Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailers

So here’s a game I had forgotten about since it’s been announced roughly around 3 years from now : Deus Ex : Human Revolutions (or Deus Ex 3). I’m just recapping everything that’s available up until today.

Ubisoft Montréal is developing the game while Square Enix’s involvement seems to be for the pre-rendered scenes and publishing side only.

I’m hyped.

But then again, I get easily hyped. As always this could go horribly wrong. However, Ubisoft Montréal usually doesn’t disappoint…

Regarding those trailers, which have been made by Square Enix, I really feel the Ghost in the Shell influence here. And I like it. I just hope the pre-rendered material will reflect the quality of the game.

Teasers & Trailers:

Trailer analysis:


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