Aion Closed Beta weekend 6 – Impressions

I’ll definitely be playing this MMO.

Ok ok, seriously, I really had a great amount of fun and many moments filled with awe.

Logging on Friday was a little frantic by discovering how the UI works and what the hell we’re doing, people disconnecting and figuring out the quest book, keyboard short-cuts etc…
After getting to grips with all that, pursuing that level 10 to obtain the wings was my sole purpose in life, at that moment. :lol:

The game is gorgeous and everything seems to work very well and as intended.
I did not get stuck, the game was not laggy, all power FX at that level ran seamlessly well, the pace of the fights was fast and furious yet wasn’t over in 2 seconds and overall the quests weren’t too repetitive (although granted, that is very subjective).
The channels system à la Guild Wars is great for completing certain quests in a more quiet environment whether solo or grouping (if someone just killed the boss you need to take down, no need to wait around for a respawn, just hop on to another channel and voila!).

Personally, the bad sides so far are the lose of xp and having to pay for it as a death penalty (and sometimes, it ain’t that cheap!), that fact that grinding mobs seem to provide more XP than (local and side-) quests and the looting system in a party (or alliance) is not that efficient.

As discussed, I’ll definitely try the Elyos side during the open Beta and go Sorceress. Reason being that going through the Asmodian quests 3 times in a row will just not cut it. So for diversity and curiosity, I’ll check out the other side of the sphere…

All in all great fun and a great adventure so far. The real test with come when in a PvPvE environment to see if it’s worth the effort although after seeing the quality of the game thus far, I’m pretty sure it will live up to the expectations.

4 thoughts on “Aion Closed Beta weekend 6 – Impressions

  1. I’ll be playing it too. Been in beta for a month or so now (3 beta weekend). It’s quite clearly a mmo for koreans, PVP focused and grindy.

    I dislike the PvP in it, but i like the graphics and classes. Also, Asmodeans ftw. Elyos are icky!

  2. How far have you been into the PvP of Aion.

    I’m really interested to see how well it fares in terms of concept (versus the WAR RvR concept) and actual fighting.

  3. HEy, interesting read Swissy.

    Minxy tried the beta for a very brief while and it did look great. The game would never run on my system unfortunately, even though it’s higher spec than hers.

    A couple of our Stout n Sturdy guild went into Aion, but what they tell me about queueing is not encouraging. Well we’re not done with WAR yet so we’ll stick to that for the time being. Maybe switch to Aion in the new year, we’ll see… keep in touch!

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