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DoomCube – Awesome artist. Pixelart Genius.

Archie Templar – The home of Archie Templar! Viewer discretion is advised… 

Mekaeli – A veteran who’s only showing his art now. Highly recommended. 

Joe Mezcal Grand Circus – Mohican & Barbu en vue!

Catz’s devart page – Kitty rocks! 

Icon Forever – Psygon’s awesome designs page. Cute art and nifty site.


PortalGraphics – The geniuses behind OpenCanvas

OpenCanvas 1.1 b72 – Latest freeware version of OpenCanvas with networking. No install or registration. Launch the .exe, change the language to english in the help dropdown menu and voila! get cracking!

Tips & Tricks

Photoshop Help – Handy photoshop online help

Pose Maniacs Amazing pose reference site. Click a pose, fullscreen it and rotate!!

Character Designs – The goal for his website is to provide high quality free images to artists…

ConceptArt – Inspirational stuff…

Akhbour’s creative cave – French site, fun site. Draw, post, have fun ^^

Go Media Zine – Exclusive insights for art, design, marketing and more.

Megatokyo Art forums – Caution! Posting here can cause irreversible trauma, however, so much to be learned from this place. Merekat for President!


Swissy @ Deviant Art – Everyone has one right?

Moth CompleX – Go. Listen. Now!

Eirtakon – Drunken Irish Anime fans

ProtocultureX <3

Popcap – Games!

City of Heroes Splasher – Change your City of… Loading screens!


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