Street Fighter: Legacy Movie

As many others, I’m really excited about this (although I know I shouldn’t)!!

Joey Ansah on bringing Capcom’s world to life:

“As an actor, film maker and a fan, I have been repeatedly disappointed by the many diluted, un faithful and outright butchered movie adaptations of fighting video games. It was clear to me, that given the way the movie industry worked, we would never see a super faithful, darker toned and more adult themed (or just plain good!) incarnation of Street fighter unless a die-hard fan director or film-making team with the game canon knowledge, film making know how and connections stepped up to the plate to helm such a project.”


Edit: turns out to be a fan short. Disappointed to be honest, was expecting something more.

This is it:

Edit: The interview with Joey Ansah has been released. Quite informative,and I agree especially with his thoughts on Hollywood adaptations.

Street Fighter: Legacy Movie Interview – Video Interview

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