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Lori 2015 – EvaLori #02 – Rei

Yet another Lori yearly post.

This year’s EirtaKon will be bigger than ever. It just keep growing and there are no signs of it ever stopping!  This year’s graphic designer Juli and marketing’s Kay were the initial contacts. Mark joined the fray later to ensure communication happens.

Themes proposed by the committee this year:

  • Sailor Senshi Lori
  • Evangelion Plugsuit Lori
  • Attack on Titan Lori
Very obviously, the classic Evangelion took the lead. Here’s this year’s thought and art process…
Lori is cosplaying this year as Asuka and as Rei. This is Rei’s post.
As a second pick, Rei’s art was aimed to be different from Asuka’s.
Hence, I wanted Lori to be sitting down. The original sketch far a little far-fetched compared to the end result but it gave me enough direction to work with.
Sketch 1 small
I wanted some green lighting to be projected from underneath her with green reflections on the plug suit.
Here’s the Rei reference used for this pic.

The lineart turned out pretty good actually.

Final lineart

I had to redo the eyes many times. Same with this bottom foot. They just didn’t want to work at all haha.
But in the end, the colouring seemed to have fixed these issues permanently. In my eyes at the very least. Or maybe I’m cross-eyed!
I’m proud of the final result. Had fun creating it even if this isn’t professional quality.
You can find Lori cosplaying as Asuka by clicking the pic below:
For all EirtaKon information and and to keep updated on the amazing line up for 2015, check out the EirtaKon website.

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