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Lori 2014 – Happy Cakeday!

Lori is 10 years old!

Freaking 10! Who would’ve thunk it? And this could have only been done thanks to the fine folks over at EirtaKon.

Especially Mark.

Anyways, like every year, I’ll just list the different phases included in the making of this year’s front poster.

Given carte-blanche by Eirta-management, with the exception that we wanted to have something depicting the 10 year anniversary, I strolled down the concept path to flesh a few ideas out. And sometimes the most obvious ideas seem to be the most relevant…

Lori2014 02s

Sketch – warm up


And because Lori is maturing over the years, I also tried a more mature/minx approach:

Lori2014 01s

Sketch – Minx


That was rejected. Naturally 😉  It was the sensible call to make.

So on to the final piece. No fancy animated gif or anything. Here she is, raw and with a delicious cake.


Final Lori 2014


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